This book (12th Fail) is written by Anurag Pathak, in Hindi language, but here we are presenting the summary of 12th fail book summary in English for the English language speakers/readers. 12th Fail book is based on a true story in which Manoj Sharma who despite failing in class XII, dreams of becoming an IPS.

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The 12th Fail book tells us about how Manoj struggled his poverty and luck and how he didn’t give up after failing so many times but fought it and how he decided this entire journey.

The Twelfth Class

The story of 12th Fail Book begins from Bilgram, a small village in Madhya Pradesh in which Manoj Sharma lived, he has a friend named Vishnu and he is very smart to read and always comes first in class. Therefore, Vishnu’s father does not get tired of praising his son and also does not get tired of taunting Manoj in the entire village.

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Manoj loves to listen to his praise, so always going over his roof speaks loudly the formulas of mathematics and repeats the question so that the people near him will listen to him and say how much Manoj reads.

There is always cheating in their school and most of the children used to pass on cheating and Manoj was one of them, the first exam of class XII is of mathematics, Manoj and Vishnu are going to appear in exam, Manoj feels there will be cheating in school and he will be pass.

The exam starts, and like every time teachers come to answer questions on the black board, but the SDM, whose name is Dushyant Singh, stop cheating. Manoj’s hopes reverberate and he is not able to cheat in the remaining exams also.

Cricket Match

The result of the twelfth class has not yet come. Meanwhile, a cricket match tournament is held in the village, in which the same SDM Dushyant Singh has come as the chief guest. Everyone has to pay 10 rupees to be a part of the team

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In Manoj’s family, he has an elder brother, a younger sister and parents, the father is mostly suspend from his work because he always fights with his officer.

Manoj does not get money when he asks for 10 rupees and he is unable to take part in the match, but the commentary in the match does definitely impress Dushyant Singh and praises Manoj.

Result Day

Manoj’s uncle comes to the house and says to Manoj’s father, Manoj has failed 12th class, Manoj’s father does not pay any attention at all and says that he will be pass next year, uncle adds some spices a little more and said that Manoj has failed in all the subjects, only he has passed in Hindi.

Here Manoj realizes that he has failed, he is very depressed, Manoj was always happy to help others, so he was helping some women by pulling water from the well.

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Women speak to Manoj, be happy my son and may God pass you this time with good marks, so Vishnu and Manoj’s uncles come there and say, “Oh, leave good marks, it has not even been able to pass.”

Manoj feels very disrespectful and he is very depressed. Well, there was much more to be done.


Manoj’s elder brother comes to the house and says that he has to run the tempo, he has a good income by the tempo and asks for money from his father, but his father refuses and goes away but his mother sells her jewellery and both buy tempo.

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Manoj leaves his studies and starts running the tempo, both together run the tempo and both starts earning a bit and give it to mother. But one day suddenly they with their tempo summoned by the police station in-charge and says that you people have hit a person, they have complained to you, both of them are shocked because they didn’t hit anyone

Then there comes a person whose name is Dinesh and Rattu speaks like a parrot “I was going on the road and their tempo hit me from behind”.

The Inspector keeps both of them locked in jail overnight and both wept all night, the inspector leaves them in the morning and says get out very fast. The house was about 10 kilometers away both of them go home on foot and tell the whole thing to their Mother, Manoj cries and hug his mother. Their Mother feels very sad.

Turning Point

In 12th Fail Book, now here is the turning point. Manoj says, we will go to the SDM office and talk to him. Anyway we have to get rid our tempo from the court, why not go and talk to the SDM.

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Both reach there and they got a slip and asked to write about their complaints. But Manoj feels that if he tells the SDM sir that I have left my studies and now I run the tempo then it will be unbecoming.

Manoj writes on the slip that there is something to be talked about in studies. Both reach inside. Before Manoj’s turn, there is a person standing there and the same SHO and Dinesh, who trapped Manoj and his brother, is also standing there.

Dinesh again speaks like a Parrot “I was on my way and this person tried to shoot me” Manoj understands that the SHO and Dinesh are trying to fix that person.

But SDM sir understand that Dinesh is lying, and says Dinesh you get how many rupees to say all this, both understand that they caught. Manoj gets very shocked on hearing this and thinks in his mind that all are not dishonest in the world.

When Manoj comes, Manoj does not talk about his tempo, but asks what he has to do to become SDM (Deputy Collector). Dushyant Singh tells him that you have to pass an exam, then Manoj decides to become SDM now.


When Manoj reached his village and tell his friends then Vishnu laughs at him and says that the twelfth class is not close to you and you will become a deputy collector. A friend of Manoj stands there whose name is Rakesh, he speaks, that collector is also a human, then what the thing that stops him to become the collector, He will also be a collector, Rakesh always used to excite Manoj.

Manoj comes to Gwalior with Rs 2,000 from his mother to complete his college, where his uncle’s son Trilok and his one friend, Keshav are already studying and there used to be only one or two people in one room but now turned three And Keshav did not like this thing.

One day Trilok goes to his village and Keshav also goes to the village, without telling Manoj, Manoj comes to the room, he finds the room closed, thinking that Keshav might be here and will come in a while.

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But Keshav does not come, Manoj keeps wandering outside for two days, he has only 20 rupees from which he eats some foods one day. Now it is also the third day Manoj remains hungry for three days, black spots fall under his eyes and becomes very weak.

There is a restaurant right in front where Manoj goes and says, you give me something to eat, instead I will wash the dishes on your restaurant. The owner feels pity and gives him food and Manoj washes the dishes there.

Manoj completes his college, but with his dream of becoming SDM, he comes to Pilikothi, where everyone prepares for PCS, but Manoj does not have that much money to study in PiliKothi.

Manoj gets a job in a library, as well as sitting there, he keeps reading books and there, one day his parents come there and see how Manoj is living, his mother speaks his father that look how our son is living with problems, please give some money.

Dad says I do not have, but mother gives Manoj 100 rupees.

Manoj is accused of keeping the money from the library but he had not done anything, so Manoj leaves work there.

Manoj now starts working in a wheat grinder, and after some time, Pandey ji comes there and on seeing Manoj, he has great pity and says, “Come with me and prepare for the exam in Pilikothi.

There is a girl Anshu in Pilikothi, who used to consider Manoj as his younger brother, he also cleared the exam of PCS.

That year the PCS exam gets cancelled, so the same girl gives 10,000 rupees to Manoj and Pandey ji and says that you both go and prepare for UPSC in Delhi.


Now Manoj comes to Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi to prepare for IAS, Manoj starts coaching Hindi here but Pandey does not do it because he considered himself to be a great scholar of Hindi.


There is a test in coaching, in which Manoj comes first, so that all the girls in the class get influenced by Manoj and says that you will definitely become IAS.

Then Manoj is coming out of coaching class, and he saw a girl, whose name is Shraddha, Manoj falls in love with her at first sight.

Everyday they meet, but Manoj never tells Shraddha that he loves her and Pandey ji always keeps telling him that Manoj you come here to preparations or to love but Manoj does not pay attention to him.

Meanwhile, Manoj’s pre exam was clear, one day Pandey ji told Shraddha that Manoj is a Twelfth Fail, Manoj felt that now Shraddha will not talk to him, but Shraddha says no matter it happens.

Pandey ji starts coaching English and he too falls in love with a girl, till now, who used to tell Manoj not to fall in love, now Pandey ji had changed his mind about love.

Shraddha goes to her village Almora for further studies, Manoj has a main exam, in English, Manoj did a question wrong, then he did not give any other exams and his mains didn’t clear.

Manoj remembers Shraddha very much, he used to miss her every morning and evening, then Pandey ji says if you miss her this much then go to Almora and meet her once.

Delhi to Almora

Manoj had thought that he would now go to Almora and tell Shraddha about his heart feelings, then Manoj reaches Shraddha’s house and talks to Shraddha’s mother and asks about Shraddha.

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Mother tells that Shraddha has gone to Haridwar, Manoj, afraid of her mother, asks for Shraddha’s phone number and goes and calls Shraddha.

Manoj calls to Shraddha, Shraddha picks up the phone, Manoj speaks, I am Manoj here, Shraddha, how are you Manoj, then Manoj, told all his feeling to Shraddha.

Hearing this, Shraddha said, did you have become mad, I think you are a good student and comes for studying and disconnected the phone, as soon as Manoj’s whole world was devastated, he put the phone and turned back to go.

The phone owner said, are you Manoj? Manoj said, yes, then he said, I have a phone call for you, there was Shraddha on phone and she said look, now you pay attention to your studies, after some time, I will come to Delhi and she also asked about the main exam.

Manoj said that he did not able to clear it. No matter what, you should focus on your studies right now, Shraddha said, although Manoj’s heart was broken, but he came back to Delhi again somehow.

Pandey’s Love

One day, Yogita, Whom Pandey loves, invited Pandey and his friends to his party. There, a friend of Pandey also goes to Avinash and see Yogita doing a lot of laughter with a boy.

Avinash says, look, Pandey ji, whom you love, how she is talking to that boy, I think Yogita loves that boy and, Pandey ji says, “There is nothing like that.”

That boy was a software engineer in England, Manoj asked Yogita that did forget us after reaching England and Yogita says I will not forget, after hearing this, it was absolutely confirmed that Yogita loves the same boy. Pandey ji’s heart broke and he cried badly all night.

Meanwhile, Shraddha also came to Delhi and now both Manoj and Shraddha used to talk and roam together.

Now slowly, Pandey ji start feeling jealous with Manoj that my heart broke and how he talks Shraddha with laughing and roaming with her.

So one day Pandey ji said to Manoj that either you choose Shraddha or me, Manoj was very much in love with Shraddha, Manoj said that I cannot leave Shraddha, so Pandey ji left the room.

Strange Work

Now Manoj had to pay the full rent of the room himself, so Manoj starts the work of walking the dogs, he started earning 500 rupees so that he could also pay the room rent.

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In the first, second and third attempts of Manoj, the exam was not clear and now he had only one chance left.

Meanwhile Manoj went to his village where Vishnu and the rest of the people laugh at him and said that you are preparing from 6 years, what happened, Mr. collector, but his same childhood friend Rakesh said that no matter Manoj keep faith, you will must  be succeed.

Then Manoj comes to Delhi again, meanwhile, Avinash’s PCS exam got cleared and he keeps a party in which he calls everyone, Pandey ji also comes in that party.

Meanwhile, Shraddha also starts loving Manoj very much, but Shraddha also does not tell Manoj that she has started loving him.

There, Pandey got a good chance in the party, to insult Manoj and Shraddha very much, Pandey insulted Manoj wholeheartedly and said I told you do the study and you fell in love, three attempts came, and you failed in all three.

Shraddha felt very bad, tears came to her eyes and she left the party and Manoj also left, Avinash scolded Pandey very much, but Pandey had no difference.

After getting out from the party, Shraddha said to Manoj, I have told you so many times that you should concentrate on studying but you are not listening to me, now your affair is also unbecoming of me.

Manoj said, “Am I made all my life just to be humiliated, Shraddha said,” No, Manoj, just concentrate on your studies and you were saying that if I love you then you will pull the whole world back.

I tell you today, I love you very much. Now pull this world aside. Hearing this, Manoj remains stunned and now decides to clear the IAS.

Stop Watch

Manoj ran to Avinash and asked him how you cleared the PCS, tell me, then Avinash told that you should always study with stop watch, this will let you know how long you are really studying.

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Then Manoj studied very hard day and night, first he cleared the pre, after that, the mains got clear and now the turn of the interview.

Manoj was from Hindi, but the students with English were more appreciated, then in the interview, he was asked “you do not know English.”

Manoj said, Sir, I have to drink water, Sir has said its in front of you, Drink. Manoj said No Sir, I have to drink water in a glass of brass, not of glass, Sir said, “What is the difference, water is water.”

Manoj said, that’s I want to say, Sir, I have to fulfil the work that I will get, just whether in Hindi or in English, people sitting there were very impressed by the example given by Manoj

Result Day

Now it was the day of the result, both Manoj and Shraddha went to see the result, due to the huge crowd, the policeman chased them all away.

Because of fear, Manoj did not see the result, then Shraddha went to see the result and came back and shouted to Manoj, Manoj you became IPS.

The policeman standing there, also asked about the Manoj’s result, Manoj said I became IPS, after hearing this, the policeman turned to Manoj and saluted him.

Manoj was surprised and thought that one result has changed his whole world. Then both Manoj and Shraddha left from there.

What We Learn from 12th Fail Book

In 12th Fail Book, Manoj taught us that irrespective of how useless the circumstances are, if you decide to do something, then it is not impossible. From to work in the library, in the flour mill, washing utensils, doing the work of moving dogs teaches us that “The Loser is the One Who didn’t Fight”

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