Best Romantic Books for Valentine Day

Romantic Books for Valentine Day

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Romantic books is good for any time in the year, but in the period of Valentine days it effect a lot to celebrate the valentine days with your valentine. So here we are with best selected books for the valentine days for you. We are very sure that you must enjoy the these books.

If your second half or secret crush is a book lover then here is the list of best Valentine Gift Books from a Romance Novel to Contemporary Love Stories. Here are the most romantic books for you.

The Notebook: by Nicholas Sparks:

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The Notebooks is romantic novel written by an American Novelist Nicholas Sparks in 1996. This is most popular novel in the last history and an unforgettable love story. The novel was adopted in a popular film “The Notebook” in 2004 starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

From last 25 Years its popular among the young hearts that why I put it on the No.1 in the list of Romantic Books.

Pride and Prejudice: by Jane Austen:

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Pride and Prejudice is full of love and most romantic novel of Jane Austen written in 1813. The novel follows the character of Mrs. Elizabeth Bennet when she meet first time to Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy at a ball. The heroine decided to marry for love not for money but will she and Mr. Darcy be realised that they are perfect match for each other?

Romeo and Juliet: by William Shakespeare:

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William Shakespeare written Romeo and Juliet in which two young people fall in love but it is not so easy to live their life happily when their families disapprove their love. From the first sight love to final union in death seems almost inevitable. Lastly it is easy to say that this novel is all about today’s young lovers.

Love Story: by Erich Segal:

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Love Story is the story of two college students with romance and fun but tragic. Their love enables them to face all the difficulties in their life. Oliver Barrett IV and Jennifer Cavilleri is the two character of this novel, one is the heir of Barrett fortune and one is the quick-witted daughter of Rhode Island baker. Barrett’s aim is a degree of law from Harvard and Jennifer is sharp tongued and working class beauty and studying music at Radcliffe. This is a story of uncompromising devotion and love that change everthing.

Dare Me: by Debra Druzy:

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Dare Me is a short novel written by Debra Druzy. In this novel the two character Misty and Adam Wright. Misty is a wedding stylish and Adam is a wedding photographer. They set aside business for one night of pleasure. It is a full of fun read. I hope you must enjoy it. It’s a contemporary romance short novel.

Call Me by Your Name: by Andre Aciman:

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Call Me by Your Name is love story written in 2007 by Andre Aciman. It is a love story of sudden love and romance between a boy and a Italian guest at his parents’ mansion in summer. It is a classic and great love story of that time. A sequel of this novel “Find Me” was released in October 2019.

Miss You: by Kate Eberlen:

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Perfect for fans of One DayMiss You is the story of Tess and Gus, who are meant to be. They just haven’t met properly yet . . . Both on holiday in Florence, their paths cross for just one day. Over the next sixteen years, life and chance keeps them apart, but will fate eventually bring them together?

Only you: by Kate Eberlen:

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Letty and Alf are the lone English speakers at an Italian class in Rome, where they find the language that truly interfaces them is dance: Letty’s first love was artful dance, while Alf was a lesser assembly hall champion. They come from various universes, until the second they waltz around the Piazza Navona, and everything changes.

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Yet, one second can’t change the past, and unmistakably Alf Letty actually have their mysteries. What made them abandon their lives in England? Also, who, for sure, would they say they are running from? As their relationship extends, it gets increasingly hard to come clean . . .

At the point when the unfathomable occurs, Letty gets back to London and Alf to Blackpool. Will they spend their lives separated, or find a future together?

The Man Who Didn’t Call: by Rosie Walsh:

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The “OMG” romance of the year, The Man Who Didn’t Call by Rosie Walsh is a heart-wrenching love story with a dark secret at its heart, for anyone who’s waited for a phone call that didn’t come.

The Butterfly Room: by Lucinda Riley:

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It is a beautifully written historical love story. A very good written second chance romance. The mystery, the romance, the tale of loss, friendship, family and secrets. I recommend it to all must read once.

I Hope you like our suggestions for the Best Romantic Books. Please share it with your friends also so that they also can gift the Best Romantic Books to their Romantic partner.

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Have a Romantic Valentine Day.