Best Self-Help and Personal Development Books

Best Self-Help and Personal Development Books

In today’s scenario everyone is depressed, demotivated and full of negativity. Everyone needs a counsellor in his life who show them a right way to live. But everyone can’t afford the fees of a counsellor. So in this article we are going to discuss about some books for the self-help and motivation. These books are from the top categories and from the best sellers. Many people rated these books very high. That’s why these books are ranking high on the internet in present time. You are also read these books and may try the methods in your Personal Development and to stay motivated always. So let discuss about TOP 10 Self-Help and Personal Development Books:


  • THINK LIKE A MONK (TRAIN YOUR MIND FOR PEACE AND PURPOSE EVERYDAY): The first book from the list of Best Self-Help and Personal Development Books.This book is written by Jay Shetty. In this inspiring, empowering book, the Author draws on his time as a monk in the Vedic tradition to show us how we can remove the roadblocks to our potential and power. Drawing on ancient wisdom and his own rich experiences in the ashram, “Think Like a Monk” reveals how to overcome negative thoughts and habits, and access the calm and purpose that lie within all of us. The author divides this book in three parts:
  • Let go: In this part the Author discuss about the Personal Identity (I Am What I Think I Am), NEGATIVITY (The Evil King Goes Hungry) in Human Mind, the corner for FEAR (Welcome to Hotel Earth) in Human Mind and the INTENTIONS (Blinded by Gold) of Everyone Mind.
  • Grow: In this part the Author discuss about the PURPOSE (The Nature of the Scorpion), ROUTINE (Location Has Energy; Time Has Memory), The MIND (The Charioteer’s Dilemma) and EGO (Catch Me if You Can).
  • Give: In this part the Author discuss about the GRATITUDE (The World’s Most Powerful Drugs), RELATIONSHIPS (People Watching) and SERVICE (Plant Trees under Whose Shade You Do not Plan to Sit).
Best Self-Help and Personal Development Books
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The whole book is very interesting and motivating but the last part is the best part. Means the best finisher.

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  • IKIGAI-(Author-Hector Gracia): The next from the list of Best Self-Help and Personal Development Books. We all have an ikigai. It’s the Japanese word for ‘a reason to live’ or ‘a reason to jump out of bed in the morning’. It’s the place where your needs, desires, ambitions, and satisfaction meet. A place of balance. Small wonder that finding your ikigai is closely linked to living longer. Finding your ikigai is easier than you might think.
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This book will help you work out what your own ikigai really is, and equip you to change your life. You have a purpose in this world: your skills, your interests, your desires and your history have made you the perfect candidate for something. All you have to do is find it.

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  • THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (Author- Joseph Murphy): The next from the list of Best Self-Help and Personal Development Books. Did you know that your mind has a ‘mind’ of its own? Yes! Without even realizing, our mind is often governed by another entity which is called the sub-conscious mind.
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This book can bring to your notice the innate power that the sub-conscious holds. We have some traits which seem like habits, but in reality these are those traits which are directly controlled by the sub-conscious mind, vis-à-vis your habits or your routine can be changed if you can control and direct your sub-conscious mind positively. To be able to control this ‘mind power’ and use it to improve the quality of your life is no walk in the park. This is where this book acts as a guide and allows you to decipher the depths of the sub-conscious.

In this book, ‘The power of your subconscious mind’, the author fuses his spiritual wisdom and scientific research to bring to light how the sub-conscious mind can be a major influence on our daily lives. Once you understand your subconscious mind, you can also control or get rid of the various phobias that you may have in turn opening a brand new world of positive energy.

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  • ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING (Author- Jeff Keller): The next from the list of Best Self-Help and Personal Development Books. Do you dread going to work? Do you feel tired, unhappy, weighed down? Have you given up on your dreams? The road to a happier, more successful life starts with your attitude-and your attitude is within your control. Whether your outlook is negative, positive or somewhere in between, Jeff Keller, motivational speaker and coach, will show you how to take control and unleash your hidden potential through three powerful steps:
attitude is everything
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  • THINK! Success begins in the mind. The power of attitude can change your destiny.
  • SPEAK! Watch your words. How you speak can propel you towards your goals.
  • ACT! Don’t sit back. Take active steps to turn your dreams into reality.

Soon, you will be energized and see new possibilities. You will be able to counter adversities and develop talents unique to you. Your relationships will improve, both at work and in your personal life. All you need is this step-by-step programme to change your attitude and your life!

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  • RICH DAD POOR DAD (Author- Robert T. Kiyosaki): This is best one of from Best Self-Help and Personal Development Books. Explodes the myth that you need to earn a high income to become rich. In this book the author clear the following points:
rich dad poor dad

• Challenges the belief that your house is an asset.

• Shows parents why they can’t rely on the school system to teach their kids about money.

• Defines once and for all an asset and a liability.

• Teaches you what to teach your kids about money for their future financial success.

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