TIME TO “WAKE UP” Think About the Climate Change and Deforestation

Time To “Wake Up” Think about the Climate Change and Deforestation

We were sleeping..!! We are Sleeping..!! and I think we will Continue Sleeping..!! But How long we can Sleep. I think until we die, we continue Sleep because we are in our Comfort Zone.

But now it’s time for everyone to Wake Up and do something for our nature. But why i am telling all these rubbishes. Let me explain all about this in this article so keep reading.

Time To "Wake Up" Think about the Climate Change and Deforestation

We all are educated, we all very well know about the Climate Change due to Deforestation. We are daily observing that but ignoring it knowingly and thinking, “It’s not my concern, let Government do something.” A list of things or changes I want to discuss with you in this article related to climate that we all noticed in day to day life but still ignoring I am not going to discuss all the boring scientific terms so don’t be sad:

  1. Shortfall of rain every year.
  2. Summer time period is increasing.
  3. Winter is starting in January and ending in January instead of October and March respectively.
  4. Rivers are drying.
  5. Shortage of drinking water.
  6. Cutting of trees blindly.
  7. The glaciers are melting.
  8. A new natural calamities in every year.
  9. Cyclone in every year like Tsumami, Amphan, Nirsarga, Okhi, Vayu and many more uncountable.
deforestation effect

Except the above many uncountable points you can observe in your day to day life, Comment in the comment box which you are observing in your nearby areas.

So the main reason behind the above problems is only climate change and the main reason for the climate change is Deforestation.

Now let we know what Deforestation is:

Is cutting of trees called Deforestation? The answer is big NO. Then what do you mean by Deforestation. It is a process in which we cut or remove the trees or forests and convert that land in Non-Forests land. It can involve conversion of forest land to farms, ranches, urban use or any industrial use and the main target is tropical rainforests. Sometimes we cut a tree to plant a new one this is not Deforestation because we are not using that land for other purpose.

cutting of tree
source: Internet

Now let’s discuss why we are cutting the trees? The main reason is Making of Paper, Making of furniture and Building of houses. A report of 2016 says that 15 Billion trees chopped down every year for making of papers, furniture and other products for our basic uses. And the earth have only 3 trillion trees. I am sorry to discuss the above data as I promised not to discuss any data and any scientific terms in this article. But the condition is getting worst day by day.

So what we can do:

  1. Planting at least one tree in everyone’s house can make a big difference.
  2. Don’t waste papers as more paper you waste, more trees will chopped down.
  3. Use recyclable material as much as you can.
  4. Try to read newspapers online if you can.
  5. Educate your family and friends not to waste the materials made by trees parts.
  6. Boost your family, friends and neighbors to plant at least one tree in a year.

Except the above points many simple steps are there by which we can help to grow a better environments in our nearby area. My main moto behind this article is to discuss the basic problems we are facing by cutting a tree and how can we avoid these problems by simple steps.

I didn’t discuss any big scientific data as all are bored by reading the boring data every day. So I request all of our readers to participate in our mission of making earth green and making a ‘OneMoreBook’ for you.



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