Current Affairs Quiz- 04 April 2021

Current Affairs Quiz – 04 April 2021

No matter for which exam we are preparing or not, but in todays scenario of digital world we have to update ourselves with the current or latest news or what is happening in the world. So here we are with some questions of current affairs that you must check to update yourself with time.

Welcome to Current Affairs Quiz-04 April 2021

International Mines Awareness observes on ____________ every year.
Aniyan Midhun is related to which sports?
South Asian Wushu Championship 2021 held in which Country?
What is the full form of QCI?
ICC Women's World Cup 2022 will be held in which country?
Who is the Road Transport and Highways Minister of India?
Digvijay Singh Zala was first ___________ Minister?
Which airline launched Door to Door baggage transfer service in Delhi & Hyderabad?

Along with this quiz also check our daily updates on current affairs or news in Monthly Current Affairs under Current Affairs & Quiz heading.

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Current Affairs 04 April 2021