This book (IKIGAI: Japanese Secrete to a Long and Happy Life) is written by Hector Garcia. We are here with the IKIGAI Book Summary. We hope you will enjoy the IKIGAI Book Summary and learn some good habits for a long life like Japanese people.

On an island of Japan named Okinawa, on an average 24.55 people out of 100,000 people are over 100 years old, which is much more than the whole world.

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A village in Japan, whose name is Ogimi, is known as the “Village of Long Age” in the world because the oldest people living there. So what is the secret of the people of Japan that gives them such a long life? This book tells us about this mystery, and the name of that mystery is “IKIGAI

What is IKIGAI?

In IKIGAI book, we see a picture of IKIGAI, which we understand in detail in IKIGAI Book Summary below.

First Step

When you mix both of those things which you love and which you are proficient in doing, then PASSION is formed.

Love to Work + Expert in that Work = PASSION

Second Step

When you do the work that you are proficient in and you will get money to do it, then you combine these two, then PROFESSION is made.

Skilled in doing a Work + Money from that Work = PROFESSION

Third Step

When you do the work that you get money from and the world (people) needs that work, the combination of these two is made VOCATION (Occupation).

Money from Work + Need of the world = VOCATION (Occupation)

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Fourth Step

When you mix the work that the world (people) needs and you also love that work, then it becomes MISSION.

The World needs + Love to Work = MISSION.

Last Step

In the last step, when you combine the above steps PASSION, PROFESSION, VOCATION, and MISSION, then “IKIGAI” is formed


Whenever you do any work, always ask yourself whether you like doing that work, are you well-equipped to do that work, will that work give me money, and does the world need that work.

Everyone has their own IKIGAI, we have to find it, and the people of Japan find it and live their lives accordingly.

What are the other things that give such a long life and happy life to the people of Japan, let’s read further IKIGAI book summary…


Do you know that there is no word in the Japanese language like Retirement. The people of Japan never retire from their work, they continue to do some work in their whole lives.

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If we talk about other countries on the other side, then people want to retire early, they want to get rid from their work, and this happens because they do not love their work.

When you do any work forcefully or just for money then you are not happy in that work, the company you does work for, not get much value from you either.

To live a long and happy life, you should love your work, then only you will never think of retirement because of your happiness in your work and you will not sit in the house to rust your body.

80% Food

People of Japan never eat full stomach, they always eat only 80% of their hunger.

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For this, whenever you eat food, as soon as your stomach is full, stop eating immediately. In the beginning you may not know when you have eaten 80% of your food, but as you do it, you will gradually learn.

To do this, the people of Japan do not eat food in a plate but in many small dishes so that they feel they ate a lot but in reality they have eaten less.

Recent studies have shown that on average, people in Okivana consume between 1800 to 1900 calories a day, whereas Americans take 2200 to 3300 calories on an average.

Stress: The Enemy of Long Life

In IKIGAI BOOK SUMMARY we have discussed about how to live a stress free life like the Japanese.

Heidelberg University Hospital conducted a study in which they sent 30 doctors for a job interview, where they gave them very difficult questions to do.

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Later when their blood samples were taken and checked, it was found that antibodies in their bodies reacted to the stress in the same way as they do on pathogens (disease causing organisms).

The problem with this is that when it becomes antibodies, it not only kills the pathogens, but also kills our healthy cells, which makes us look older than age and seems dull.

Because we were not always like this, earlier we used to go for hunting only then we used to take stress but today we keep thinking about small things and killing our healthy cells.

The earlier tension was a real stress, that when an animal came and attacked us, it could kill us, but the dangers of today are just the dangers of name which we create only in our mind but in reality they are not.

But keep in mind that a little bit of stress is good for you, so you can take little bit tension which will help you to work.

Don’t Sit Too Much

Sitting for too long will make you grow old, sitting for too long may give you physical rest, but it will damage your cells, food imbalance, hypertension, and even can cause diseases like cancer.

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To avoid this, you should just add some habits to your daily life.

• Run at least 21 minutes daily.

• Do not use elevators.

• Participate in social activity so that you do not sit in front of the TV for long.

• Replace your junk food, packaged food with good food.

• Get a good quality sleep, 7 or 9 hours, not to sleep more than this.

• Play with your children or your pet.

• In the beginning you can also put a timer so that you remember that it is time to walk.

• You can also use the app from google, those give you the task of walking every day.

Focus in Work

In IKIGAI BOOK SUMMARY we have discussed about the procedure of doing the work in a fine and enjoyable way.

Whatever you work, it is very important to be focused while doing it, due to being focused, you can do that work very easily and without tiredness.

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To bring focus and flow to work, you should follow the below mentioned things.

Choose Hard Work

Always choose the work for which you will have to do research, you will have to work hard and your mind will always have to think in order to do that, so that your focus remains continue.

Keep in mind that do not choose something that is beyond your ability and it is so difficult for you to do it, and you stop doing it after a few days and don’t even do any work that is very easy for you, which while doing it you feel bore and you stop doing it after few days.

Clear Objective

Before starting any work, you should have a clear objective that what you have to do, when to do it, why to do it, why do it, you should know all these things beforehand.

There should be a time to finish it so that you can finish it on time and do not carry forward it.

Only One Work at a Time

We feel that by doing more than one work together, we save our time, and we can finish more work in less time, but scientific evidence is exactly the oppose it.

People who do more than one work at a time, they finish the work late and at the same time they are not productive at all while doing that work.

See yourself how many times you use your mobile while eating food, watch TV while reading, while thinking of one work and thinking about some other work at same time.

If you want to increase your focus and work, then you should do only one thing at a time.

• When you wake up in the morning, do not look at the screen of your phone or laptop or TV for 1 hour.

• Do not look at your phone screen one hour before bedtime, it will help you sleep.

• Switch off or activate the Do Not Disturb mode in the phone while working.

• Have a technical fast one day in a week, in which do not use your phone.

  • 50 minutes work and 10 minutes rest.

• Learn to say No to waste work.

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What do the world’s longest living people eat?

In IKIGAI BOOK SUMMARY we have discussed about what the longest living people of the world in Japan eat.

According to the World Health Organization, Japan has the highest life expectancy, 85 years for men and 87 years for women.

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So let’s see what the people of Japan eat so that they live for so long.

What to Eat Less

The people of Okinawa, Japan eat very little salt and sugar, they do not eat enough food, they only eat 80% of the hunger, which we have already seen.

What to Eat

• People in Japan eat an average of 18 different types of foods every day.

• Take 5 serving of fruits and vegetables every day, which consists of different coloured capsicum, carrots, spinach, cabbage, potatoes, legumes, and soybeans.

• 30% of calories come from vegetables only.

• Wheat is the foundation of the people of Japan and they eat white rice daily.

• Eat fish 3 times a week

• On average, eat only 7 grams to 12 grams of salt.

15 Antioxidant Foods from Japan

Tofu (cheese made from soya milk)

Miso (fermented by soya)

Tuna Fish

• Carrots

• Bitter gourd

Sea kelp (Algae of the sea)

• Cabbage

Nori (algae of the sea)

• Onion

• Sprouts

• Cucumber

• Soybean

• Sweet Potato

• Capsicum

Jasmine Tea

Benefits of Jasmine Tea

• Reduces heart attack.

• Enhances the immune system.

• Lowers stress.

• Lowers cholesterol level.

Benefits of Green Tea

• Reduces the amount of sugar in the blood.

• Controls cholesterol.

• Increases circulation.

• Prevents flu (Contains Vitamin C).

• Prevents bacterial infections.

• Protects against UV rays.

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