Men from Mars Women from Venus by John Gray (Book Summary)

Men from Mars Women from Venus Book Summary in English:

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This book (Men from Mars Women from Venus) has been written by John Gray who is an American Relationship Counselor, if we know that both men and women are not only physically, but also mentally different in speech and thinking then we can make our relationship happy and healthy.

After reading the book summary of Men from Mars Women from Venus book, you can avoid domestic conflicts, men can understand women and women can understand men and can make each other happy and can improve their relationship.

Mars and Venus

As per author of Men from Mars Women from Venus, Men lived at Mars and women lived at Venus, both lived their own way in their environment.

One day the men of Mars saw the women on Venus while looking into space with their telescope and they fell in love with the women, then the men came to Venus through their space craft and started living with each other.

Initially, both of them understood the way, behaviour, thinking, desire, speaking, language, and need of each other for many months and then both of them started living happily ever after.

After that both of them saw the Earth and both came to the Earth, but due to the atmosphere of the earth house, when they woke up in the morning one day, both of them forgot their memory.

They also forgot that both had come from some other house, there is a difference in thinking, due to which both started fighting with each other.

Both of them started imposing their habit on each other, the man thinks why the woman does not think and speaks like him, and the woman why the man does not have wishes and discussion like her.

According to research, 50% of the people in the world get divorced and the rest of them live together, not because of love but because of loyalty, social belief and fear of starting again.

But if man and woman understand their own habits and each other’s habits and thoughts, then the whole problems between them can be solved.

Mister “The Problem Solver”

On the planet Mars, men used to make huge space craft and big buildings, always solve their problems in a new way. On Mars, power, ability and efficiency were considered very important.

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He always wants to solve the problem quickly, so whenever a woman comes to a man with his problem, the man gives her a solution to the problem just quickly.

But the woman is not like this, she does not come to you to solve her problem, but comes for your sympathy, if you listen carefully to the woman, then she will be happy only.

But the man wants to end the matter quickly just by giving her a solution to the problem, but the woman continues to talk to her husband about her problem, even after finding the solution so the husband feels that I have already told her the solution, why then she is crying for her problem, but in fact, she should not sympathize, someone should listen about her.

Therefore, the man should listen to the whole thing of the woman carefully, the woman just wants to tell her what happened with her in the whole day, you should not consider it a waste, but show empathy to the woman.

Mrs. “Sudhar Committee”

On Venus, the woman not likes to build big buildings and machines, but buildings of love and harmony. She takes her interest in making a relationship and improves by giving advice to each other without asking.

Every day the dress changes according to its mood, it is considered good to give advice and seek advice without asking.

Because the woman is always focused on improving, the man feels as if the woman wants her revenge and when the woman advises or tries to teach the man, he feels as he knows nothing.

Women should not give advice without asking, because it was considered a sign of weakness on Mars. But the woman feels that with my advice the man will feel good and he will feel as someone is taking care of him.

But the man feels that he is incompetent and poor, his wife does not believe him, so wants to change him.

Unravel Stress

In Men from Mars Women from Venus book author describe the different type of stress for both men and women and they solve stress differently, both behave differently during times of stress, both were different when they were at their own planet.

Tension on Mars

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Whenever a man was under stress or in some trouble, he used to go to his cave and sit alone for some time in peace.

The rest of the men did not speak anything to the cave man at that time because they knew that it is still under stress, after some time it will automatically come out of the cave.

But the lady of Venus didn’t know this, so whenever a man was under stress, he started asking the man about his problem due to his habit of giving advice and asking about the problem.

Therefore, in times of stress, the woman should not ask the man again and again, what is the reason you are upset, the man just wants to be alone for a while, then he will be right again.

At that time, leave your husband alone for some time and do not wait for him to come and sit at the door outside, but at that time talk to a friend or read a favourite book.

At that time, do not blame the man for why he is not talking to anyone or does not love you.

Stress on Venus

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When women were under stress on Venus, she used to talk about that matter for a long time, used to tell her problems to others women.

So when women are under stress, they used to like to talk to men about their problems, but men become problem solvers to solve their problems but, in times of stress, the woman only wants that men listen to her and give her a hug and console.

When women keep saying their words for a long time, listen to them with endurance and attention, keep your endurance and keep asking about their well-being, don’t start giving solutions quickly

How to Inspire a Spouse

Men from Mars Women from Venus book teaches us, when the man from Mars saw the woman of Venus through binoculars, the woman gave him the invitation to come, so the man understood that woman need him.

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Therefore, the man gets inspiration only when he feels that someone needs him and the woman gets inspiration when she feels that she is being loved.

In the beginning, the woman tells with her own eyes only that she needs a man and the man expresses her love without fear. But after marriage, the woman forgets to make this gesture to the man, so the man feels that there is no need for him now and he goes to his cave.

Then the woman feels that her husband does not love her and she also starts speaking a lot due to stress and both do what they should not do.

The woman starts speaking and the man starts remaining silent alone, but if both of them understand that both get inspiration in different ways then this problem can be solved.

Both Have Different Languages

The words of Mars and Venus are similar but both mean different, so when both started living together, there was a lot of problems in the beginning but with the help of “Venus-Mars dictionary”,  used to understand his/her partner wants to say.

But when both of them forgot their memory on earth, they also forgot that there is a difference between their words, they want to say something else and say something else.

Whenever a woman says something, it is not exactly that a man understands, and when a man says something, it does not mean exactly the same thing.

Whenever a woman says something, she uses exaggeration such as never, absolutely, complete, etc.

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For example, let us look at some sentences

Woman: – We never go out. The man will misunderstand and say, “This is not true, we went out last week only”

Woman: – Everyone ignores me. Man: – I think many people pay attention to you.

Woman: – I’m tired and now I can’t do anything. Man: – What the fuck are you doing, you are not weak.

Woman: – Now you don’t love me at all. Man: – How do I not do it? I am here only then.

Most of the fight between husband and wife is due to misunderstanding, not because of anything, they misinterpret each other’s language and start fighting.

If both of them understand each other and know the correct translation of the language then there will be no fight.

Venus-Mars Dictionary

Lets understand the Mars-Venus dictionary from Men from Mars Women from Venus book:

Question: – We never go out.

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The correct meaning of this sentence would be “I want to go out and spend time with you. We both go out. When we are together, I feel very good. What do you think about this? Do you let me out for dinner?” It has been a long time since we have gone out”.

And without this translation, the man will feel that the woman wants to say how boring and unromantic you are, by marrying you, I have spoiled my life.

Question: – I am tired and I cannot do anything.

The correct meaning of this sentence is “I have done a lot of work today and I need rest today I am happy that I have your support, will you embrace me and say that I am doing a great job and today I am comfortable Is needed.

And without this translation, the man will feel that the woman wants to say that I do all the work and you don’t do anything, I have been kept like a machine all day long.

Question: You are doing nothing, the house always looks like a garbage house.

True Meaning: Today my mood is to relax but the condition of the house is very bad, I am frustrated because I need rest, I do not expect you to clear all the garbage, but how good you are also to assume that cleaning in the house is needed and you help me in this work.

And without this translation, the man will feel that the woman wants to say that the whole house is dirty because of you, I keep cleaning it and you keep doing this dirty.

Question: – You do not love me at all now.

True Meaning: – Today I feel as if you do not love me, I know that you really love me, you take care of me a lot, but today a feeling of security has come in my mind, will you distill me that You Love Me, to say those magic words “I LOVE YOU” and when you say this, my heart is happy to hear it.

Without translation, the man will feel that I have done everything for his life and he is speaking to me that I do not love him.

If you keep the translation written carefully according the Men from Mars Women from Venus book, then you will never quarrel with the wrong meaning of anything.

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“Male” like a Rubber Band

According the Men from Mars Women from Venus book, men like a Rubber Bank. Sometimes a man distances himself from the woman like a rubber band, he does not do this because he no longer loves his wife but wants space for a short time.

At this time, the woman misunderstands that her husband does not love her, but it is not the fault of the man, it is his nature that he goes away for some time and then becomes closer.

When the rubber band comes back, it comes more quickly, similarly the man also fills back with more enthusiasm.

“Female” like Waves

As per Men from Mars Women from Venus book, A woman is like a wave, as the wave moves up and down, the woman also becomes very sad sometimes.

At that time, a man should not solve his problem, but should support him and embrace where he wants that he is with him, there is no problem and he should listen to everything.

It could also be that the matter for which the woman is upset may be resolved, yet she may be upset but you remain with her even then.

Winning of Heart

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The man feels that the woman is happy only with big gifts such as a car, a house, expensive watch, expensive dress, etc. but this is not the case with Mars.

The woman gives only one number for every gift, whether you give her a house or a rose flower.

So do small tasks for her like opening the car door for her, say I Love You at least 2 times daily, hug every day, listen to her, sometimes you cook, praise her, if she feel tired ask her what happened today, if she want to bring something when you go out, call her from the office and ask about her condition, straighten your clothes, embrace her even without sex and show love.

Emotional Needs of Both

Male :-

• Trust – Woman should believe her man.

• Accept – Accept him as it is, do not try to change.

• Appreciate – Appreciate him so that he love more.

• Commendation – Be praised for his work.

• Satisfied – A man should feel like that you are satisfied with him.

• Inspiration – Inspire him for love.

Women :-

• Care – Women want to be taken care of her.

• Understood – Try to understood her don’t give a solution.

• Honour – Respect her.

• Faithfulness – A woman should feel that in the life of a man, her wife comes first.

• Support – Support her.

• Express repeatedly – Man should express his love repeatedly, not once a year.

How to End a Debate

The debate starts with some issue and ends on some other issue, your partner feels bad about your way of talking, not on the matter.

Keep in mind that two people are needed for a debate, but only one person is needed to finish the debate.

Sorry on Mars means that I have made a mistake, so I am apologizing but Sorry on Venus means that I appreciate your feeling.

Therefore, a man should not shrug from speaking sorry, if he says sorry to end the debate, it does not mean that it is his fault but he values ​​his wife’s feelings, and the woman should also do like this.

What did you learn from Men from Mars Woman from Venus book?

1. Women should not try to teach men.

2. Male give sympathy to female not the solution.

3. Male is rubber band, will go for some time and then come back himself.

4. Women will be depressed for some time like waves and then they will be correct.

5. Both have different language.

6. Both have different emotional needs.

7. End the debate by saying sorry.

8. Find love in small things.

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