Bharata Natyam Adavus : Fundamental and Structural Principles




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This book, elucidates the basic steps called Adavus of Bharata Natyam in the traditional Pandanallur style, as taught by the revered Gurus Sri Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai and Sri Muthukumara Pillai, to Sri T.K Narayan and Smt. Jayalakshmi Narayan, parents of the author. It is an honest attempt to explain the various steps with unerring and accurate execution technique. The book offers a visual representation of the Adavus with the help of stick diagrams in a sequential manner so that the beginners and practitioners can understand the finer points of each movement. The author has developed simple schematics to show the various moves, such as jump, stretch, turn, hit etc. The author endeavours to illustrate Adavus in a precise manner in this book. Classification and categorization of each step is the salient feature of this work. Gayathri Keshavan makes a humble effort to pass on the knowledge of this ancient and sacred art to the present and future generations of Bharata Natyam dancers.


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