Colon Classification

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This book, based on classroom teaching experience, has been arranged into three parts deemed convenient to the student community to which it is primarily addressed. The basic theoretical concepts of CC-6, required essentially to understand the rules, have been explained in Part-I. It includes such topics as Fundamental Categories, Space Isolates, Time Isolates, Language Isolates, Common Isolates, devices, Systems and Specials, Phase relation, among others, and are suitably illustrated. Part-II, the most important, discussed about the Rules, facet Formulae, Subject Analysis, etc. to till the students as to from where the isolates in each Facet are to be obtained. Attempts to explain each Rule of CC-6 with suitable examples in order to make the book easy an simple. Another feature of this New Practical Manual is that “Solved Examples” follow the discussion for every Main Class included in CC-6 to provide the students with opportunity for practice, an “Exercise for Practice” has been added in each chapter. The book includes more than one thousand solved examples, and another five hundred unsolved examples, answers to which have been provided at the end. Efforts have been made to clarify the concepts in simple language with a view to better understand the Indian scheme, considered one of the scientific classification systems for organizing knowledge.

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