Computer Organisation and Architecture




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This textbook provides a perfect amalgam of the basics of computer architecture, intricacies of modern assembly languages and advanced concepts such as multiprocessor memory systems and I/O technologies. It shows the design of a processor from first principles including its instruction set, assembly-language specification, functional units, microprogrammed implementation and 5-stage pipeline. Computer Organisation and Architecture can serve as a textbook in both basic as well as advanced courses on computer architecture, systems programming and microprocessor design. Additionally, it can also serve as a reference book for courses on digital electronics and communication.

Key Features:

  • Balanced presentation of theoretical, qualitative and quantitative aspects of computer architecture
  • Extensive coverage of the ARM and x86 assembly languages
  • Extensive software support: Instruction set emulators, assembler, Logisim and VHDL design of the Simple Risc processor

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to Computer Architecture
  • Part 1: Architecture: Software Interface
  • Part 2: Organisation: Processor Design
  • Part 3: Organisation: System Design
  • Part 4: Appendix
  • Appendix A: Case Studies of Real Processors
  • Appendix B: Graphics Processors
  • Index


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