Conquer Yourself: An Encyclopedia of Personal Development



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A Straight Forward Guide on Personal Development (Self-help & Self-improvement): This book is our tribute to every single person out there who is struggling, working on improving his personality, despite the callous criticisms and judgements of society. This book will serve as a guiding light to you in times of need. Giving you much hope and direction to focus your energy on. This book will help you to identify your true self and will inspire you to be the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life.

All chapters are focusing on some aspect of Personal Development (self-improvement) that every person needs in their day to day life. This book has a large range of topics covered such that people of any age can relate to it and make use of the same. Thus, this book covers all major aspects of personal development required in one’s life and so is the tagline of our book, “An Encyclopedia of Personal Development”. Go dive into it, to improve yourself, to get to know yourself, and most importantly to Conquer Yourself!

‘Conquer Yourself’ is a valuable self-help book which is replete with important ideas for a better living for anyone, who is willing to work for a positive change in attitudes and life habits. The simple use of language combined with earnestness makes the book, potent and timeless. This book is going to transform YOUR life in some definitive way. – Dr. S. Padmapriya


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