Even Caged Birds Sing: Women who Dared To Dream: Celebrating their triumph over social oppression in India.




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Her Forbidden love: People adored her as a Celebrity Singer. Yet it took 24 years of unhappy marriage in Puja’s life to find her world of "music" and her long-cherished love. Her soul chirped around her secret lover. Trapped into a system of arranged marriage in India, she struggles to keep her romantic adventure under wraps.

The story is an emotional journey of a woman torn apart by this dilemma of double life. At one point, it backfires, and all hell breaks loose. Will Puja be able to face the social anger and judgement around her?  How will she transcend  the consequences that await her? 

Those Tiger’s Eyes: "The Haunted mansion," as Sujata often referred to her in-laws’ house years later, was once ruled by the mighty Godfather, her father-in-law.  This girl of 24, with scholarly dreams and aspirations, found herself in a toxic atmosphere, spewing money and malice.

The everyday kitchen politics and manipulation in the Indian joint family made her sick. Will Sujata be able to save herself and her daughter from the dire threats of the Godfather?

Eva the English Teacher: Eva is a rejected outcast for being intelligent, broad-minded with liberal views in her school. She is bullied and insulted by her colleagues for her popularity with the students. Even the malicious co-ordinator  Madam tries to blacken her image to Higher Management. How far can Eva fight out for her existence at her workplace? Will the conspiracy against her be successful in ousting her from her job?

The stories reveal psychological conflicts that these spirited Indian women of the ’80s and ’90s underwent in their journey towards Empowerment. They portray their inner struggle to break free under tremendous social pressure and boundaries set for them. So even caged birds sing. 


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