Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Journalism



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Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Journalism, from Kavitha Rao and Charukesi Ramadurai, is for everyone who wants to make a career in freelance journalism, but has no clue about taking their first steps. For the novice as well as professional writers, who have either been trying to find a way in writing or trying to get their past writings published by popular publishing houses, this book offers a lot of interesting and important information.

Preparing oneself for a career in writing, coming up with original stories, finding appropriate audience for selling the writings, approaching editors for publishing, writing a winning paper, negotiating on payments, coping with rejections, and marketing oneself are some of the key topics in the book. The book provides realistic advices along with real-time stories of other journalists. The initial few pages of the book get the readers start off with the basic ideas of bringing a fresh writing, slowly explaining about breaking into publications and taking one’s work on a higher level gradually. This book has text for providing a complete hand-holding to the freshers in freelancing.

With an additional chapter on multimedia journalism, the book also provides the readers with detailed interview of four journalists who share their experiences in order to help the new writers seeking a promising and sustainable career in writing. Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Journalism was published by Westland in 2014 in paperback.


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