Finance for Non Finance Revised and Updated Edition



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The best things in life are free. But most things we value cost money. So, while money is only a means to an end, we all agree that it’s important. While there is no doubt that understanding finance is the need of the hour, yet the curriculum in most schools and colleges do not include sessions on how to manage our money, save and invest it and make it grow. Are you an Individual wanting to save money? Are you a business owner looking for gathering funds or managing your existing business? Are you a stock investor who cannot understand Company financials? Are you a salaried employee not able to manage your monthly income and expenses? This is exactly the book you need. Don’t wait for another moment. As we say, time is money. Your time has now come, to convert your time into money. There is no course for people of all professions that tells them how to raise money when needed and service their debt efficiently. This simple but epic book tries to make up for that lacuna and more. Beyond Saving and Investing basics, it introduces readers without a formal background in finance to a range of relevant concepts such as the Fundamentals of Financial Statements, Income and Expense statements, Assets and Liabilities, what Ratios are and how do they help track Wealth Creation, etc. Presented in simple, everyday language and topped with practical examples and self-assessment exercises, this book could veritably become your bible to the world of finance and your road map to creating sustainable wealth for yourself and your loved ones. Appreciated by many, this book unlocks the key to a financial treasure which you have always been waiting for. Reader have experienced changes right from the first chapter itself. It is your turn now to create wealth, so go for it


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