How to Get into Your Dream B School  Strategies (Aptitude Test/WAT/GD/PI) to crack CAT/XAT/IIFT/SNAP/NMAT



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The book “How to Get into Your Dream B School Strategies (Aptitude Test/WAT/GD/PI) to crack CAT/XAT/IIFT/SNAP/NMAT” is not a Q and A book like a myriad of others available in the market. This, on the other hand, is the first of its kind, guidance book for MBA aspirants which answers the elusive ‘How do I get into my dream B School’ question.
The author, while preparing to get into his dream B School, tried hard to find a guide, which would tell him how to go about the preparation, how to best utilize the time at hand, the do’s and the don’ts and what would work and what won’t. But there wasn’t any such guide available. This book is his endeavour to provide that guide which he himself didn’t get.
This book contains 19 simple yet powerful Practice Rules and a plethora of Pearls of Wisdom, which not only inform the aspirants about how to go about ensuring they get that sought-after seat in a premier B School, but also make them aware of the various pitfalls and the easy to miss snags which they ought to be careful about.
Through examples which include actual CAT questions, the book breaks the answering process into easily understandable and logical steps and instils the same logical and structured thinking in the readers.
This book doesn’t stop at cracking the aptitude tests (CAT/XAT/IIFT/SNAP/NMAT and the likes) but goes on to provide guidance to its readers on how to convert the coveted calls by cracking the GDs/WATs and the Personal Interviews.
While this book is focused towards MBA preparation, anyone who is preparing for any aptitude tests or personal interviews will be benefited immensely by the structured and logical approach and the various strategies mentioned here.


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