Indian Film Music and The Aesthetics of Chords




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Indian Film Music and The Aesthetics of Chords – peeping inside the mind of a composer Do people enjoy hearing sounds that are unpleasant? The answer is, no. Thats why a musicians quest to get the perfect chord and sound for his composition is a long one. You can never guess how much time you will need to find the perfect chord. Dr. Abhishek Tripathi—a film and theatre music composer with a career spanning over 25 years—has written Aesthetics of Chords to address this in detail. This book on indian film music and aesthetics of chords will help you understand the reasons behind your music preferences and why some songs appeal to you more than others. It reveals the strategy and practice that goes into perfecting the aesthetic appearance of chords in a song. He has given such insights of the film music industry that one can only talk about after deep thinking and contemplation. His writing shows he has a profound understanding of chords. The author uses simple language to explain the beauty of chords that beginners and professionals can both use for their musical ventures. This book is a must read for all musicians as well as music lovers.


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