India’s Kathak Dance: Past, Present & Future




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All the major dance styles of the Indian subcontinent share a common root system of ethical and aesthetic values. Hence no single style can claim to be ‘purer’ or ‘older’ than any other. Kathak – the style that grew, took shape and flourished in the northern regions of the subcontinent – has been misunderstood and misinterpreted on account of ignorance and prejudice from various quarters. This book sets out, therefore, to rectify incorrect perceptions by presenting historical facts and placing Kathak dance in its proper cultural context. The background of the dance is explained in detail, the religious, social and political influences over the centuries are recounted, myth, theory and reality are expounded upon, current trends are described and future possibilities examine and not least, the sheer beauty of Kathak is exposed to both the eye and the intellect. This book provides not only information on technique and training but also tells the dance lover what to look for in a typical Kathak performance. It will, indeed, assist the reader better to appreciate and understand a great dance style. The names and addresses of recognized dance schools and teachers, both in India and abroad, will prove useful, as will the glossary and bibliography. India’s Kathak Dance: Past, Present, Future is essential reading for all those who wish to be acquainted with India’s immense cultural and artistic achievements.


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