Modifying Investor Behavior- “It is Not A Number Game…It’s A Mind Game”



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There is a huge gap in returns generated by the markets and returns achieved by the investors! You may be surprised…? In the USA a study was conducted by dalbar & lipper to compare average returns generated by mutual funds & average returns realized by mutual fund investors. Over any 20 years period, the average fund investor consistently manages to capture much less than half of the return of the average funds. If the fund’s returns were 10% investors average returns were less than 5%. You may be shocked but that’s a fact investor is not underperforming the market he is actually underperforming his own investments. The story is not much different in India. We have all the resources like capital, information and one of the fastest markets in the world. Still why there is a gap in investment’s returns & investor’s returns. So why this huge gap? Let me give you a hint… investment is not a numbers game… it’s a mind game. This book is an honest attempt to help you bridge the gap by modifying your behavior. Follow the path of simplicity and unwind the emotions to bring true investors to this beautiful dream fulfilling place … called the markets. About the author Hemant beniwal….He is cfpcm and founder of ark financial planners, a leading financial planning firm. He is amongst the first generation of financial planners in India. Hemant is author of “financial life planning – solve your biggest puzzle” book. Hemant believes financial planning gives you more clarity in life; It provides direction and meaning to your financial decision. Hemant runs one of the most popular personal finance blog “the financial literates” (www.Tflguide.Com) on which he regularly uploads thought provoking articles. Madhupam Krishna….He is chief planner at wealth wisher financial planners & advisors, which is a semi registered investment advisory firm engaged in feebased financial planning and wealth management for investors across India and abroad. Madhupam is a seasoned 17 years experienced financial advisor/planner. Madhupam has been an advocate of financial literacy and believes firmly that investors financial goals can only be achieved by making informed decisions, value investing and eradicating behavioral mistakes.


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