Nritya Gatha: Dance book with Indian and Folk Dances




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The evolution of classical Indian dances, the different techniques and forms that took shape and developed over centuries is the story this book relates. All the major dance forms in India have been elaborated on in intricate and interesting detail from their origin till the present. INDIAN dance, like Indian music, has a record of achievement through the ages. It once enjoyed pride of place in temple and court. But the extent of neglect it suffered under alien rule was truly appalling. Such was the abject state of the art that not till long ago the impression persisted abroad that there were no living traditions of the dance in India. The revival came rather suddenly in the mid-twenties, thanks to the unremitting labours of Tagore, Menaka, Rukmini Devi, Vallathol, E. Krishna Iyer and many others. One immediate result of this development was the rehabilitation of Bharata Natyam, Kathakali, Kathak and Manipuri, the four principal classical dances. </br></br> So quick and complete was their assimilation in India’s art milien that to most people these were the only forms of her traditional dance. In fact, till about a decade ago, even writers on the subject mostly dealt with only these four styles of dancing.


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