Public Policy and Politics in India (OIP): How Institutions Matter (Oxford India Paperbacks)



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Policymaking in India evokes an image of rational decision-making and technical optimality. However, the arena of policymaking is characterized by conflict and contestation resolved through processes of negotiations and compromises. A significant amount of research in India focuses on policy goals and consequences, and less on policy processes. Breaking away from that approach, Public Policy and Politics in India directly addresses policy processes and discusses the role of institutions in policymaking in India. The wide-ranging essays cover issues such as environment, education, Parliament, liberalization, and governance. They highlight failures of implementation resulting from deep-rooted flaws in the overall policy design. The volume aims not only to provoke a debate but also to encourage more systematic studies in the area.
Salient Features:
* Focuses on policy-making processes instead of goals and consequences
* Discusses the role of institutions, stake-holders, and the complex web of roles and issues involved in public policy making and implementation
* Covers essays on a wide-range of topics such as education, environment, liberalization, governance, and the Parliament
* Highlights failures and systemic problems Indian policy-making


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