Soldiering: A Life on the Edge




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“Sir, I have reached the ambush site. I can see we have lost Lance Havildar Sajjan and Sepoy Ashok, the enemy has beheaded Ashok and taken his head along, Roger so far”


“I can see a blood trail going down the nallah. I am taking my party to search for enemy in the nallah, over”

“Be deliberate, there may be another ambush. You will not, repeat, not cross the Line of Control, over”

All four enemy soldiers were standing in the killing area of the mines laid to target them. There

was a big blast as Bharat detonated the mines. Bharat and his party moved closer to

observe the damage. They could see four lifeless bodies lying in blood. He signalled

Thapa to move. Thapa took out his Khukhri to sever the heads of the enemy soldiers


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