That Leader Is You: 12 Inspirational Habits of Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders




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What truly defines an entrepreneur and business leader? If you believe that they are a special and extra ordinary breed of individuals, you could not be more WRONG!!! The journey of an entrepreneur is not bound by the limitations of gender, time, chance or even luck. They are in fact, the sum total of habits, practices, behaviours and attributes which are the basic necessities that an individual must posses in order to achieve the status of a business leader. I invite my readers on a journey to explore and investigate the entire gambit of my modest submission within an organisation setup. Through the chapters presented in my book, I wish to make the readers discover that they already possess all that is required for them to become entrepreneurs and business leaders in their own right. It is for them to look within themselves, and realise that the leader that they have searched for all this time to inspire and motivate them exists within them already. Now and forever more… That Leader is You!


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