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The Book of Woman delves into the mystique that is a woman. We get a view of woman as understood by Osho. The book goes into all the details of womanhood and explains all the functions of a woman. The topic is dealt with great sensitivity and vividness.

Osho talks about relationships, family, motherhood, birth control; all the issues that are central to the existence of a woman. A woman should not try to ape a man. She has an existence of her own and she should revel in her feminity and not be repulsed by it. Harmony in life can be achieved by a synchronisation between head and heart. The heart should rule a woman all the time and the head should follow and supply it with reason.

Osho reviles the institution of marriage and calls it a shackle for a woman. Men use marriage to monopolise women and limit her. Osho concludes by saying that woman is a mystery and even trying to unravel the mystery would be a big mistake on the part of a man. It is better to let her remain a beautiful mystery and enjoy the parts nature allows you play as a Man or a Woman.

Although the book is about Women, it can be read by a sensitive person of any gender.

About the author:

OSHO or Acharya Rajneesh as he was known in his early days, was born in Madhya Pradesh in 1931. He was a professor of Philosophy who later turned into a Spiritual Guru and established an Ashram in Pune. It became very famous and he garnered disciples from all over the world. He advocated a life free of social fetters. His books are used as guides for a fulfilling spiritual life. His books, mostly consisting of lectures delivered have been published worldwide in over 60 languages.

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