The Inside of Indian Sculpture




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At a glance, ancient Indian sculpture is quite attention-grabbing due to its structural form and somewhat devotional approach. It makes us curious and raises a lot of questions about it. There is a lot of books regarding the sculptures of India; however, there are something mysteries behind those ancient sculptures that need to unfold. The point of discussion of this book is related to some of the hidden rules and grammatical aspects of those ancient sculptures in the focus of Hindu doctrine and spiritualism. To understand widely the Indian sculptures, it is necessary to have the information on those secret rules, grammars, spiritual theology, and of course the Indian history. The writer of this book is an acclaimed Indian artist and award-winning blogger, who also passionate about traveling and photography. His experience in Indian art and culture got wider with his travel across India. In this book, he also shared his direct experience related to various aspects of Indian sculpture. It’s a complete guide to making sense of the pauls of Indian sculpture through the perspective of an artist.


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