The Memoirs Of A Nobody



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This is the story of an Aarav & an Ambi.

Aarav, who is on a vacation with his family. In Indonesia. On a much-needed break after these recent cataclysmic events. The year is 2022.

One day, on the beach, his daughters find something.

Something that had no business being there. Something that had no business being anywhere.

But something that links Aarav’s & Ambi’s lives. 

Something that takes Aarav back in time, journeying across it. Metaphorically speaking.

And he gets an opportunity to know Ambi.

To live her life through her, experience it with her. Be a silent spectator as her it unfolds, she grows, lives, loves & looses.

Hop in, to see life unfold.

TMOAN is a journey, an everyday journey made extra-ordinary by fate’s interference.

You will be forced to connect with the characters, as you connect with them, laugh with them, cry with them, understand them, love them and live them.


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