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The Orient Blackswan School Atlas remains an important tool to learn the topography of India and other continents. Ideal for school students, it comes with minute detailing only to enrich their knowledge base. It comes with a new design and layout that focuses on detailed political and physical maps. Filled with up-to-date demographic and socio-economic data, it also includes an informative section on interesting world facts that will evoke the passion for learning geography. Furthermore, it comes with a CD-ROM that features interactive resources.

Salient Features of the Atlas
• Updated regional maps of India covering all 29 states along with six union territories and the National Capital Territory.
• Contains a special map that shows the areas in India that have been affected by natural disasters, paths of cyclonic storms and drought-prone or flood areas.
• India map covering national parks, forests, tiger reserves, sanctuaries and biosphere reserves.
• A map of India that covers the rich cultural and natural heritage sites of India.
• Contains India maps depicting density of population, sex-ratio and literacy rate depending on census data.
• Includes maps showing the various types of institutions or universities in the country. • Contains 3-dimensional histograms along with pie-graphs, thus providing the latest statistical data for various union territories and various states.
• Maps of continents depicting not only the climatic regions but also latest socio-economic data.
• Comes with a special map showing the age of tectonics, earth’s crust, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, tropical storms and hot spots.

About CD-ROM
• Contains nearly 200 maps, which can be zoomed in and out.
• Includes interactive and challenging quizzes so as to help the students brush up their knowledge base.
• Comprises all new key statistics along with the flags of the world.
• Comes with maps and worksheet that can be printed.


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