The Tamil Landscape: Culture and Traditions



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Have you ever wondered about the past and the colorful stories of human history? Do you know of the myriad stories that give the context of the customs that we follow today? Or are you a lover of history, art and culture and want to explore more about the world? One particular culture, that of Tamil Nadu, is full of such rituals which have become a way of life. But do we ever think why? This book is an answer to that question. The book attempts to give a glimpse, a limited kaleidoscope into the lifestyles of the people of Tamil Nadu through their material and intangible culture, which are best illustrated by their architecture, art forms, and festivals of the different regions of the State. The text and photos reflect the vision and collection of the DakshinaChitra Museum which looks at craft, performance, architecture and art through the prism of ecology and social context, particularly as it existed in the early 1900s.


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