Unwilling to Bend: True Stories of Courageous and Determined Women




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The phoenix can only rise if there is a large and credible purpose.

In this filigree of enchanting stories Priya Somaiya effortlessly crafts the lives and experiences of a few women, revealing the interwoven complexity of emotions and astounding actions that could shift many mental and emotional paradigms-Sahiba undergoes a massive identity transformation and confronts undefinable tragedy with quiet courage; the determined Shakun cannot be appreciated by people who perceive the world largely through class, caste and gender biases; how can women like Fatima and Ramoli challenge the entrenched norms governing women in feudal structures; Shailaja doesn’t realise that the universe does partner in fulfilling strong aspirations in the most mysterious ways; when a girl child is thrown on a railway platform after she is born and grows up on the same platform, what does it mean to just breathe and survive; widowhood in India is still neither here nor there and if Pushpa could weather the worst storm of widowhood she can just sail through others; Asma changes her name to redefine her identity and feels empowered to alter her life.

These are stories of faith and humanity. It takes brazen guts and conviction in the goodness of human nature to believe that attitudinal positivity can turn around one’s life. Rare and life-changing, Unwilling to Bend posits that courage is the most beautiful colour of the mind.


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