Wonder Kids: 100 Children Who Grew Up to Be Champions of Change



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MEET A HUNDRED FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO STARTED SMALL BUT MADE A BIG DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. It’s easy to forget that all great people who shaped the world we live in – inventors, leaders, writers, actors, musicians, environmentalists, reformers, athletes and artists – were once children, just like you! That there was something – a spark, a talent, a curiosity, or just a dream – which was shaped by them as they grew, and led them to become amazing achievers who inspired others to look at things in a different way. From Anne Frank to Mal ala, Marco Polo to Muhammad Yunus, Jesse Owens to Thandiwe Chama, Jagadish Chandra Bose to Albert Einstein, and Charles Darwin to Coco Chanel, Wonder Kids gives you a peek into the childhoods of icons from different walks of life. Tracing how their thoughts and actions as children had an impact on their communities or the whole world later, the compact life stories in this book have a common, shining message – that you are never too young to start to break the mould!


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