Yayaati: A Story of Experiments with the Truth




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The sardonic personality of the author is reflected in his writing. A treasure trove of information has brightly illuminated the frame of reference of the characters. I loved the book; it’s an easy read and yet the author offers original insights into our social and cultural idiosyncrasies. Like they say in our profession – ‘strongly recommend’

– R Srinivasan, Head of Equity, SBI Mutual Funds

A lucid, and at times provocative narration of the life of an investment professional with some desi colour that provides a ringside view of an exhilarating milieu in Indian economy. The unique style of the author makes each character in the story come alive.

– Mahesh Patil, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Birla Mutual Fund


When Yayaati, a pre-millennial ‘small-towner’ takes up a stockbroking job in Mumbai after his MBA, little does he know what the future has in store for him. The turmoil and turbulence of the Indian stock market, narrated by Yayaati (named after a character from the Mahabharat) takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. Fiction and reality intertwine, and the reader experiences what it must have been like to be in a high-voltage, electrifying environment that changes and influences the protagonist’s life in myriad ways. Power, sex, drugs–it’s all here, and more. And at its height, Yayaati throws it all away. Or does he?

Yayaati is not a hero, but he is not a villain either. The author shows a mirror to ‘The Yayaati Generation’ and forces them to think about the choices they have made. Most of the character names are allegorical, some ironically so. At a higher level, the text is a treasure hunt with varied references buried within. The author attempts to both amuse and annoy the reader; sometimes simultaneously.


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