You are the Best Friend



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Is it a happy ending for Ajay this time around?

Ajay has lost his wife and is deep in depression. No amount of medication or therapy seems to help him as he struggles with his grief. He has only one wish—he wants to immortalize his wife.

Then, he meets Anisha, who is shocked at Ajay’s hatred towards God. How can a person hate God? Where would that hatred lead him? Anisha is ready to judge Ajay harshly, when a simple, caring and guileless gesture changes her perception of him.

So begins the journey of two people who are poles apart. A journey which will change their outlook towards life.

A bittersweet tale, told very simply, by a man who lost everything, except his ability to find humour in the world. This is the story of Ajay who finds a second lease of life. What helps him? A friend? Or the love that he finds again?

Bestselling author Ajay Pandey takes you on another emotional rollercoaster with his scintillating new book that will reaffirm your faith in life.

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This was Anisha’s first conversation with me.

‘So, Mr. Ajay, who do you love the most, and who do you hate the most?’

For me, these were not difficult questions to answer at all. ‘I love my wife the most,’ I answered, in reflex. I have been dying to say that to someone for ages.

‘Oh! You are married!’

It was difficult to classify her expression.

I nodded.

‘Who do you hate the most?’ she asked.

‘God,’ I said, again in reflex.

Now, she was taken aback, and fell silent. I had judged Anisha to be outgoing, someone who liked to talk. Her face expressionless, she stared at me momentarily. She looked like she was thinking, What the hell is this man saying?

I am sure that in some corner of her mind, she must have an idea that I may be mad. I, however, chose to remain silent after my statement. That was the best part of the programme.

‘I do not hate anyone and I love God the most,’ Anisha answered in one breath. Her perfect bow-shaped eyebrows curved, as she frowned.

Our monologue, rather I should say, lack of dialogue, was interrupted by Guruji. ‘Did you observe the pattern? Your love and hatred are related.’

It was a strange thought for me. It was absolutely true in my case. I loved my wife and blamed God for taking her away from me. I hated Him, because I lost my love.

A few nodded, Guruji smiled.

‘Hate and love are nothing but our experiences in life. When our experience is good, we start loving the reasons for it. And when our experience is bad, of course, we start hating the one responsible for it.’

Guruji waited for the thought to sink in.

‘So, what is the conclusion?’

Guruji wanted to know if had learnt from his wisdom.

It was the first day, so no one was too vocal. However, Anisha didn’t disappoint. Like the student who pays maximum attention in class and has all the answers, she said, ‘We should not hate the person, we should hate the experience.’

The participants cheered as if someone had solved the mystery of the black hole. Anisha’s black eyes looked at me as if to say that I was the one who had created that hole.

Was my hatred justified? My belief had been dented. I had hated Him for years, should I not have?

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