Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary

RICH DAD POOR DAD BOOK. (What is the difference between the thinking of rich and poor?)

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Do you also want to become rich?

Your answer must be Yes, who doesn’t want to be rich?

We go to school so that we can earn money by studying and writing there, but in schools they never taught us about the money.

No human is born poor or rich, but it depends on our thinking that we have to become rich or stay poor.

The book Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches us that there is a difference in the thinking of rich and poor due to which in this world today Richer is getting more Rich and Poor always remain Poor.

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This book should be read by every person who wants to be rich and wants to know how rich people think and how they think about money?

So let’s learn some of the best things about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

1. Thinking of Rich and Poor

In Rich Dad Poor Dad book author trying to differentiate the thinking of Rich and Poor.

We work in the same way that we think, there is a difference in thinking of Rich and Poor more than the money.

We are never taught in school how to become rich, rather it is taught how to work under a Rich person or in a big company.

If you want to become rich, then you must first change your mind, you will have to say to yourself daily that yes you are a rich person and if not now you will definitely become one day.

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2. Rich People Do Not Work For Money

We are always taught in school that do study, then get a degree, after that do a good government job or some private job.

But rich people do not think like that. Rich person never work for money, instead they take out some way that money will work for them.

A poor always lives in fear and greed. When the salary is received at month end then greed comes but whenever there is a thought that I will quit my job and start my own business, then he afraid of loss.

In the face of this fear and greed, neither can he ever leave his job nor start any business and always remains poor.

3. Rich People Accumulate Wealth (Assets)

What is the difference between assets and liability: Whatever item brings money into our pockets, it is called property and whatever item money takes money out of our pocket is called liability.

Poor people accumulate their entire life just liability which they consider as their property, such as cars, expensive clothes, expensive phones, etc.

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They think that buying expensive cars will make them look rich but a car is not an asset but an obligation, because money is going out of our pocket, such as the cost of petrol, its maintenance costs etc.

You should always invest more money, invest more in mutual funds, invest in real estate and always pay attention to the things that make money.

Many people get lottery but after some years they become poor again because they do not understand money, they do not know how money works in the market.

With lottery money, they buy a lot of liability and then raise their expenses and become poor again. You do not have to do this, keep an understanding of money yourself and become Rich.

4. Mind Your Own Business

Rich people always mind their own work and also know when, where and how much they have to spend their money.

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But the poor do not do this, they spend money without planning and without understanding, always buy liabilities and keep poverty in mind.

You can do this with your job too, you just have to understand about money, understand about the market and mind your business while working in a job also.

5. Important points of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad

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  • Work for learning, not for money.
  • Talent is not everything.
  • Winning means not being afraid of losing, so keep trying and don’t be afraid of losing.
  • Learn to take risk by coming out of fear and greed.
  • Do not think, Start Now.
  • Keep more than one source of income.
  • Learn to make passive income.

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