The Speed Reading (How to Read a full book in one day?)

Speed ​​Reading

How to read fast and Finish a book 100% in one day: Speed Reading

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How fast we can read our books? After all, how can we read any book in just one day? How do we improve our speed reading?

Today I will try to answer all the above questions, which if you have learned, then you can also become a pro reader by speed reading.

A common reader reads 200 to 250 words per minute, but if you have to read a book in a day, you will have to read 400 to 500 words per minute. Today you will learn some similar things in this article (Speed Reading), which can increase your reading speed several times.

Reading books is a very good and life changing habit. If we are able to read more and more books in less time, then it will be easy for us to learn any information or skills.

Do you know that today the world’s richest person Elon Musk used to read 60-60 books of the month in his childhood, he learned rocket science only from books, so you can guess how much it is important to read books.

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And not only Elon Musk, every successful person of the world, definitely reads some books every month and if you have to read more and more books then you have to speed up your reading speed.

So let’s know those five ways with which you can increase your reading speed and make a habit of Speed Reading.

The Speed reading is based on the following points, by following the below point everyone can achieve the goal of maximum book reading by Speed reading.

Don’t Sub-vocalize:

Whenever we read a book, we also speak it while reading it, which is called sub-vocalization, whether you read it by speaking sharp or in your mind in both condition your speed of reading becomes very slow.

Your mind can read fast but when you start speaking while reading the words, the speed of the brain has to depend on your ability to speak, which reduces the speed of reading.

Read the below given line as normal as you read, and after that read without speaking the word, only rotate your eyes.

Sometimes trying to do the right thing can be exhausting.

Your brain recognizes and understands the word even before you speak it, but there is a decrease in the speed of reading by speaking it as if it is like a breaker in reading speed.

So speak very least while reading, just look at the words and complete the sentence. Keep in mind that this process can be learned slowly, do not try to do it in a day or else you will not understand anything so that you will be irritated and will start reading again and again.

If you want, you can use some RSVP (Rapid Series Visual Presentation) Apps. In these apps, you are shown one by one word quickly, in which you only get time to look at the words, this will reduce the reading by speaking the words.

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Some measures to reduce sub-vocalization: –

• Use chewing gum while reading.

• Listen to an instrumental song while reading.

• Read while trying to touch your tongue to your nose.

Avoid Regression:

You can read 80% of any book on only 20% of the pages, which is also called 80/20 principle.

Many times you read, you realize that you have forgotten the line you read earlier, then you start reading that line again, this process is called Regression.

Regression reduces reading speed by 10 to 15 percent.

Keep in mind that you do not need to read a book of 400 pages, everything written in the book is not of any use, so you do not need to read nor memorize every word and line of the book.

If you are forgetting the reading books again and again, it may be due to lack of activeness or lack of interest, whenever you study, go to a quiet place with full focus.

To avoid regression, you should hide the read area from anything so that it is not visible to you so that your eyesight will not go there and there will be no difference in your reading speed.

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Use Visual Pacer:

You may not understand the term Visual Pacer, but its meaning is very simple.

While reading, always keep an object with you which you can play along with words, such as pencil, pen or you can also use your finger.

Now the speed of your reading will depend on the speed of your object, the faster your object will run, the sooner you will be able to read the book completely.

In the beginning, play the object slowly, keep in mind that it will take you a few days to read 400 to 500 words per minute, do not try to do this process immediately, you will not understand anything to read by hurrying.

Keep your eyes fixed on your object, do not look here and there, where the important information is found, move the object slowly and where the information does not work, move the object faster.

The object will also help you to mark an important vocab or word that you can write elsewhere and learn their meaning later.

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Read in chunks:

Our eyes can simultaneously see 5 or 7 words at a time which is called Fovea.

Do not read the entire line or every word in continuation, our brain stores the words in chunks, for example in the sentence given below Just look at the colorful words.

The decline of the Mughal Empire began in the strict rule of Aurangzeb.

 You must have noticed that in the above sentence you read only a few words, but still you understood the meaning of the whole sentence. This happened because when you were looking at a word, your eye automatically stored the words next to it in the mind.

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Similarly, whenever you read the book, mark the important words of each line, so that you do not have to read the entire line in the second turn. By doing this you will be able to finish the book very quickly.

If you see a helping verb, try to leave it immediately, it does not matter which language you are studying, but the method will remain the same.

Skimming and Scanning Technique:

The person who reads the most books in the world is named Kim Peek, who had read only 12000+ books in his entire life, whereas there are millions of books to read.

You have to keep this in your mind that you cannot read all books of the world, so you should come to the choice of books, which books to read and which ones you should not read.

 To know whether a book is worth reading, you can use Skimming and Scanning Technique. As soon as you take the book in hand, read the name of each chapter, read every headline and topic. From the name of the book, you will know about it to a great extent.

You can read the chapter that you liked before, from that you will know about the book to a great extent that you should read it or not. Skimming and Scanning will take you only 10 or 15 minutes, which can save you many hours.

Therefore, choose the book very wisely. Do not forcefully read any book, in the beginning you will come to know whether the book is of your interest or not.

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Some important things to keep in mind: –

1. Read only when you are fully active and concentrate.

2. Read the book with the intention of explaining it to someone else.

3. Take a break of 2 or 5 minutes after every 30 minutes.

4. Do not touch the phone during the break, but do meditation or exercise.

5. Make Notes.

6. Check your reading speed every day.

7. To check your speed, count the words of any line, then put a timer of one minute to see how many lines you have read.

8. Reading progress check will keep you aware of your progress.

9. Read the book with the intention of understanding, not just finishing it.

10. Read in a relaxed environment.

11. If you are reading a book in English, then pay more attention to your vocab, without vocab you will not understand anything.

12. Tick the key words.

13. Start with books of your interest.

14. Do not read for the time pass.

Hope you have liked this article (Speed Reading) and you will defiantly learn something. Also share with your friends or relatives.

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