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There are some rules to succeed in life, by which we can become successful by adopting in our life. Today you will learn those 21 success tips mantras mentioned by Brian Tracy in his book 21 Mantras of Success in Career.

Decide What You Want

First of 21 success tips, to make sure that what you really want to do in life, which work you love the most, which you get pleasure by doing.

When you don’t get bored by doing a work, you feel that work like a game, not a work.

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Learn from your past, think ahead, and remember that you are the most different in this world as no one else is in this world. What you want to be is already present inside you.

So find the work inside you that make you happy, that you want to do, then start thinking on that work.

Choose the Right Company

2nd of 21 Success tips

You have your controls in your hand, you want to go wherever you can turn your life, the world is running very fast in the 21st century.

Therefore, choose the company or any work very carefully, because your success is depends on your company or your work.

What will happen to that company in the coming 5 years, whether it will grow or not, know all these things beforehand, take a feedback of that company from the previous employee.

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Choose the Right Boss

3rd of 21 Success tips

Your boss should be your ideal, which gives you motivation so that you can learn something new every day.

It should not be that as soon as the boss comes, you start sweating, you are afraid of him. Your boss should also be your good friend. Ask him questions, how can you do your work better? Ask him.

Qualities of a good boss

  • He must be Honest.
  • He should have clarity.
  • He don’t be in hurried every time.
  • He must respect you.
  • Do care about others.
  • Must be a role model for others.

Develop Positive Thinking

4th of 21 Success tips

Whatever you are today because of your positive thinking or negative thinking, do you believe that you are in this condition today because of yourself?

If yes, then you are a proactive person, which we saw in 7 habits of highly effective people. Always be positive, stop blaming others for your life.

When everything is going well, then everyone behaves well, but when you look at grief or rejections then how does your attitude look? Never blame the past which you cannot change, so change today, tomorrow will change by itself.

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Make a Successful Image

5th of 21 Success tips

Any person sees someone for the first 4 seconds, then in the next 30 seconds, makes an opinion about him in his mind.

What you think about yourself is known by your dress, so always keep yourself from outside as you want to be. Without telling anyone, you can tell everything with your costumes.

Pay attention to the colour combination of clothes. Think about your body language, speech, and movement. Pay attention to the dress of your ideal, how he wears clothes, look at him.

People definitely say that clothes do not matter, but the same people make their opinion about someone just by looking at them, they prove him successful or failure by his dress.

Be Quick

6th of 21 Success tips

Successful people never waste their time, they consider time more than money or anything else.

The same should happen in your life, do not just think about anything for a long time, but immediately start taking action on it.

Go to your company 1 hour earlier and work for 1 hour later, successful people work 50-60 hours a week, do more work, your work today will give you a lot of rest tomorrow.

Avoid useless things in the office and do not waste your time in doing backbiting of others, rather spend the same time on your work, just focus your work while working.

Look Forward

7th of 21 Success tips

Keep in mind that success is not the last place but it is a journey.

Never let yourself feel that you know everything, always progress. Advancement is always the key to success.

Always keep learning something, keep upgrading yourself, even if a software is not upgraded then it slows down, so keep increasing your speed.

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Ask for What You Want

8th of 21 Success tips

Your life has given you as much as you have asked from life, so the future is only for those who ask.

If you want more salary, first ask yourself that I want this much salary, then ask your boss if he refuses, then ask him what you need to do to get that much salary, make plans then work and hurry up.

Find out how much salary you are getting in the market for whatever position you are working for, then ask the boss. Remember do not stop asking, how much you asked you get only that much, not more or not less.

Protect Honesty

9th of 21 Success tips

An entire company operates only on its own trust, because customers trust its products and services, so they buy from them again and again.

Whenever you promise anything to a person or say that I will do this work, then you must finish it at the appointed time or else his trust and confidence will not be there again.

It is your responsibility to protect your reputation, if you cannot do any work, then immediately speak humbly at the same time and apologize. When you do this, you get respect from others, as well as from the boss also.

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Think the Future

10th of 21 Success tips

Any work is done in three stages, first you see it, then you think and then you do it. Whatever you want to be, just think about it.

Elon Musk, who is called Future, because he thought about the future and created great companies like space-x and Tesla.

Sending humans to Mars and living there and making an electric car is all the future thinking that Elon Mask had foreseen.

Whatever you want to become in the future, write it on any of your papers, it has the effect of writing more than just speaking, write first, then make plans, and start doing it immediately.

Successful people always think about the future.

Focus on the Goal

11th of 21 Success tips

Clarity is the word by which we can reach the real purpose of our life, that is why you first sought a goal and now focus on your goal.

Steps to focus

  • Write what you want to achieve, both mind and hand work together by writing.
  • Set a time limit.
  • Make a list.
  • Plan
  • Start, Don’t delay.
  • Take steps leading to your goal each day.
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Pay Attention to the Results

12th of 21 Success tips

If there is no result of your work, then there will be no benefit to work, so identify important and unimportant works.

Pay attention to these three things to get results.

  • Your activity.
  • The work that only you can do, no one else can do it better than you.
  • How are you using time now, wasting or investing?

Be the Problem Solver

13th of 21 Success tips

Remember the problems can never end in your life. You should always remember that never wish for a life in which there is no problem because it is not possible to happen.

Rather, find a life that solves the problem and focus your mindset on the solution not on the problem.

Pay attention not to what has happened but to what you will do now, dominate the problem and not the problem on yourself.

Show Your Inborn Creativity

14th of 21 Success tips

You have not even used 10% of your intelligence yet, more than what you think is already present in you. Use your mental power, give new suggestions to your company, use your creative power.

Always pay attention to these three things for this:

  • Aim
  • Problems
  • Questions
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Put the People First

15th of 21 Success tips

Successful people always meet new people and make friends and always keep them ahead instead of themselves.

Put a sense of humility, kindness and help in yourself, ask people about their condition, praise them, everyone in the world loves to feel important. That is why make others feel important.

You do not know when, who will work for you, so you can go as far as possible by making a contact trap.

Invest in Yourself

16th of 21 Success tips

“If you are not getting better, then you are getting worse”

Continue to develop yourself about whatever career you want to go, read at least one book a week, books tell you the condition of someone’s entire life on just a few pages.

Listen to some educational information in your car by listening to the extravagant songs or FM radio, make your car a moving university. Because the world is changing, so change yourself, what you taught 10 years ago will not work today and what you learn today will not work after 10 years.

Commitment to Excellence

17th of 21 Success tips

Think in your mind that you have to be the best in your field, and set a time limit for it. Continue to practice and gain skills for it.

Focusing on the Customer

18th of 21 Success tips

Customer: Whoever is dependent on you for their satisfaction is your customer

This means your customer can be your boss, your friends and people in your office are also your customers, you have to fulfil their satisfaction.

Four levels of satisfaction

  • Meet only the demand.
  • More than expected.
  • Overcompensate.
  • Surprised.

You should not only do as much work as you need, but try to do more work by moving a little further, do not lose the opportunity to work, then only you will be successful in your life as well as career.

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Focus on Basic Principles

19th of 21 Success tips

Your happiness is in your principles, so make a list of them and always depends on them, your principles will never die, will never cheat you, write your own constitution.

According to your constitution, the basic principle of whichever company you work in is to earn profits and satisfy the customer, therefore it is your responsibility to increase profits for the company.

Develop Positive Power

20th of 21 Success tips

Your positive power affects others in three ways.

  • Expert power – In this, you use the power of your knowledge to make people more enchanted, you do not boast on your knowledge but in teaching others.
  • Personal power – It shows your personality, how you are a real person outside of your work, seeing which people like or do not like you.
  • Special Power – If you have any special power that you can use to hire or fire someone, then how do you use it?

Use all these powers wisely, so that people will come to you as a source of power and not run away as an arrogant human being.

Get Things Done Quickly

21 of 21 Success tips

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Make a list of your daily work and divide it according to their importance in the category and then finish the work quickly.

Always be in motion, still water goes bad, learn to flow like a river and always keep going. But in a hurry, keep the quality of your work.

You have the reins of your life, no one else will come and do your work, and you will have to do your work yourself.

You have to be motivate by yourself and you have to learn something new every day, so keep working.

Keep learning new things every day and then nothing can stop you from being successful.

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