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The Rudest Book Ever has been written by Shwetabh Gangwar who also runs a youtube channel.

When we are 17 or 18 years old, then we want to become cool or film heroes, we follow many thought streams, many people become ideal for us, for them we can fight, die, and behead someone. In the midst of all this, we forget a very important person who is “himself” and after fighting with all these things, how we get back to ourselves, this book tells us.

The Rudest Book Ever
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The name of this book is “The Rudest Book Ever”, because it questions those things that is closest to you in your life and maybe you say that we do not want to believe these things, it looks very offensive.

So let’s start with the rudest book ever book summary.

You are a Product

Just like you have a fridge, TV, washing machine and many other products in your house, you should also be a product, with which a lot of expectations are connected, like you will study, earn money, become successful in life, a very famous person, will get married and many more that we don’t even know.

The Rudest Book Ever
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Our parents taught us since childhood that what to think; like, you have to come first in class, have to earn a lot of money, have to get a good job, have to marry a good girl and many do this and do that etc.. Such thinking people are producing a lot of products in the world. They are only run in a crowd, they are doing that because all are doing. They are not allowed to think, just have to do work and producing more products.

But we are never taught how to think, because perhaps even our parents also don’t know how to think, and they think that they know everything, they have seen the whole world. We have lots of dreams, but how to achieve them, how to think, this book tells us, how to face failure and rejections.

What to Think

People who think about what to think, such people follow the ideas in which they feel safe and comfortable. They are afraid to think something new, are afraid of being separated, they like to be in crowd. When If there is any problem, then they always approach to others and never think of themselves for a solution, they are afraid of everything that they will be separated from their group or community.

How to Think

The people with How to Think mentality never afraid from new ideas, They always like to learn from books, internet, blog, or any other medium. They never afraid to be different. They don’t follow people but they follow their good thinking and they never fight, they know that to be fail is a normal thing, rejection is a normal thing. It is a part of life.

Are You Special?

In childhood or sometime, we must have thought that some people are special. In childhood, your parents must have told you that you are special or said that you are not special or did not say anything.

The Rudest Book Ever
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If someone tells you that you are special, then you believe that you are special and if someone tells you that you are not special, then you also believe that you are not special and then you become unhappy.

No one is born with the tag of special or by saying someone else you do not become special, specialness is hard earned, because if you feel special just by telling someone, tomorrow if he say that you are not special then what you do?

Everyone likes to be special, but specialness you have to earn yourself. Specialness given by someone else is false specialness.

You have to constantly work hard for specialness. You got 95% marks in class X, It does not mean that you will get the same number in your class XII, for that you will have to do same amount hard work again as before. And if you scored less marks earlier, it does not mean that you are a loser and you will get less marks you again, if you work hard this time, then the marks will be high.


Rejection is a part of life. Again I am saying that rejections are absolutely normal, you have to understand this, because it shows that you are doing something, you are not stands still like others. Rejections don’t mean that you are a loser.

When you get a job or when you pass in class, have you once said that I am always lucky, I always get success? But maybe when you are rejected, you always say that how bad is my luck, it always happens to me, I am a failure.

The Rudest Book Ever
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We consider ourselves different in our thinking and think that a unique person has been born on this earth, but not like this, there are millions like you who are on this earth who are looking for jobs, want to earn a lot of money and want to get success.

In childhood, we make a girl our crush and keep thinking about the same and when she does not look at us even once, she goes from the side as if we were not there, then there was a voice in our mind that maybe there is something wrong with me, I am not special, which we talked about above.

When someone rejects us, we speak in our mind that I will show him that he has made such a big mistake that I will become very rich and make him servant in my home, I will passed in front of him by driving the car, I will take a bigger house than this and do not even know what other things we thought.

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Then you will earn money, so that you can show others that what you are and you will forget about all these things that what you want yourself, what is your own self-satisfaction. Always remember that you can never satisfy everyone.

How the People are?

What will you do if a lion comes in front of you? You will try to escape from there, you will try to protect yourself, but when you see a small puppy, you will quickly catch it and play with it. Why so?

Because you know that a lion can kill humans but a puppy not… But where did you know this?

The Rudest Book Ever
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You may have seen on the discovery channel or read in a movie or somewhere or heard from someone, that the lion can kill humans easily, but what about the people, there is data about the people, and how the people would have been?

Those who like you, you call them good, and those who do not like you, you call them bad, but those whom you call good may be bad for others and those whom you call bad may be good for others. Then how the people are; good, bad, bullied, lazy, thieves, handsome, ugly, deceptive, worthless, crazy, complicated, or trickery?

If we put people in any of the above categories, then it will not be right because all the people are not good and all the people are not useless.

So the author has given a word for all the people, “Strange”

People are Strange, by speaking like this, you are not making any kind of mindset about any person beforehand. Many good people call themselves Strange on social media and bad people also. If you do not have any human data, then how can you tell whether he is good or bad, likes you or not

When we look at a person, at first glance, we may feel like our father, mother, brother, sister, friend, enemy, worthless, nice, beautiful, sexy, or anything else, but untill the data about that person is not present, you should not create any mindset about a person before. When you later find out that he is different from my thinking then you will be disappointed, yourself and you will take it as a failure.

If you take the above example, then the girl/boy who you considered your own crush, she/he may have crush with someone else. As long as you do not have the data of his girl/boy, then how can you confirm that she/he likes you or not.

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Never, on the first look of a person, make your mindset in advance. May be he didn’t give his real data in first meeting, he talk sweetly to you, pretend to make good in front of you, as long as until real data is not found, then remember the same thing that people are Strange.

If I give the example of current news, for corona virus, people are blaming people of any caste or religion, even though they do not have the data of all the people, on the basis of the data of some people, we are blaming all guilty.

Now whenever someone calls you bad or doesn’t like you or rejects you, just say the same thing and go ahead that People are Strange.

You are a Country

Someone went by telling something to you and all day you keep thinking that how did he tell you something like that, I did not say anything to him, then I talk to him very fondly, then why does he not like me?

To make happy others or others like you, it is so much that you forget yourself, people who do not even think about you even 5 seconds in the whole day, you try to make those people happy whole day. Thinking that people like you is not your business, but that is the work of people, then why are you thinking?

The Rudest Book Ever
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Suppose you are not a human being but a whole country, you have relatives, parents, siblings, or those whom you like or love are your neighbouring countries, if your relationship will go well with your neighbours, then you will also be happy and also your neighbouring countries, everyone else are another countries, and you are the President of your country, you have made your own rules and moral codes. You decide that what to do or what not to do is your constitution and if you break the rule, you will suffer.

Your self-control is your security force which helps in implementing your rule, self-respect is the happiness index of your country which will be best only when you are working in a constitutional manner.

Your bad desires or your bad deeds are all terrorists, which can make you very sad and last but most important is your EGO which is opposition party, which talks very well but never lets you make the best.

Never let your ego come forward to be your best, let other people go to hell. You cannot change people because that is not your job, then why are you not following your constitution?

You think that because you are good then others should also be good, if you have talked to someone in your own way or love, then others should also talk in a manner but it does not happen because people are Strange.

The rudest book ever book of moral:

Change yourself, not others because you don’t mean in other countries.

Rejection is a part of life and it’s a normal thing.

Don’t create any mindset without data.

Do not give so much freedom to others that they can make you sad and even if you do then remember people are Strange.

The Rudest Book Ever
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