The ultimate guide for the First Aid Kit/ Emergency kit

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A first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment that is used to give emergency medical treatment.

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The international standard for first aid kits for emergency is that they are identified with the ISO graphical symbol for first aid (from ISO 7010) which is an equal white cross on a green background under their guidelines.

A First aid kit is the essential part of daily life because it contains the items necessary to provide urgent care to a person in emergency. A proper well-stocked first aid kit should be kept in your home, office, school, and vehicle in easy to reach. It should be packed with your survival kit. In case of emergency the first aid kit saves the time or person in small or large injuries.

You can buy a normal or well-stocked first aid kit from a drug store, red cross society or make its own under the guidelines. Checkout the expiry date, leakage of kit items, put all the bottles tightly and clean the kit box at time to time.

The layout of a first aid kit-

The first aid kit is assembled according to the requirement in many types of containers, and this will depend on whether they are produced commercially or assembled for household use. Continue Reading….