“Unfu*k Yourself” by Gary John Bishop

Unfu*k Yourself book summary:

Here is the book summary of “Unfu*k Yourself” : Get out from your head and into your life”.

Do you know that about 50,000 thoughts in a day come to your mind?

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What you thought yesterday, the same you are thinking today, such thoughts which have nothing to do with your life, you are making your life completely worse by thinking them.

At the beginning of every year, we make some goals, and then speak to ourselves that I will do this work at the end of the year.

But with time we get into some worries and troubles, which are inevitable to come, and we forget what we said in the beginning of the year and then we stop doing it. We gave up because the beginning of that work was wrong, never say to that I will do it, rather say, I will do it today only, then the beginning will be right.

See, it is not a bad thing to make a goal, but it is wrong to just focus on the goal, instead of focusing on the goal, focus on your daily work.

This is just an example, do not know how many times during the day, by speaking wrong things to ourselves, we create wrong masculinity in ourselves.

Speak the 7 sentences given below to yourself daily, your outlook for life will change. You will avoid those who are wasting their lives on their own.

1. I want it or not?

I want to leave this job but… I want to sing but… I like that girl and I want to tell her too….Even if you do not know how many in your life, you are wandering here and there, motivating you to do what you really do not want to do.

You want to say this by putting the word “But”, and you say to yourself that “Look brother, I want to do it but (fill in the blanks yourself), so I am not able”.

Whatever you have filled in the blanks, all are excuses, you may have felt bad, but it is true, you just ask yourself if you want to do this work, if you get down YES, then you have done and all the other things that you say yourself (excuses) are because you only want to stay in your comfort zone.

Like if you think that I want to be a good player like Virat Kohli, can you work as hard, work 10-10 times daily, think about these things and say to yourself, what I want and what not

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Remember, there is a lot of power in your word, you think only what you say to yourself and do what you think, so stop making excuses.

Just ask yourself in every task, “do I want this work done or not?”

Some people say, brother, I do not want a big and expensive vehicle, but when he see a BMW, Audi, or any other vehicle, he speak, if it was his car then it would be so nice.

Therefore, think carefully that what you want and what you don’t want, do not keep what you want inside you, by this sentence your purpose will be clear that what you have to do in your life and what not to do.

2. I’m Made to Win

If I say that you always win, you never lose?

Then you will think that how many times I lost, how many times I have failed in the exam, how many times I have failed in interview, how many people have not adopted me, Right?

You must have heard that “what you think you becomes like that” is it right? No, your thinking and your actions should be the same, only by thinking you do not become anything.

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Your life is made to win, the time you choose, you win.  The one you are giving up is because you only thought of passing the exam, but for that the work was different or less than you thought. There is a difference between being busy and giving output, today I worked 10 hours but did you really work for 10 hours? Probably not.

You are made to win, not to lose…. I say to myself every day that I am made to win. Leave the habit of procrastination now, you will be successful by not sitting for hours but thinking, so get up now and start working, make your thinking and work the same.

3. I Understood

The wife had a fight at home, then the coffee fell on the table in the office, then the water fell from the hand, then the car key was left in the office, then the purse fell out of the pocket… one after another, one after the other. One problem affects other problem.

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In 470 B.C., Socrates said that there is no such thing which has happened to you and it has not happened to anyone else before and its solution has not been found before.

Remember that no any problem is new, all the problems in your life have happened before. You get very angry at something someday and after a few days or months you laugh at the thought of that little thing.

Solve your problems one by one, outweigh the burden of one paranoia, nothing is stable in the world, not even your troubles.

Whatever made upset today, that will not matter tomorrow, think about the future, many things are yet to come. Life is too short to get upset over trivial matters. Say to yourself “I understood”.

4. I accept uncertainty

As per Unfu*k Yourself, We are addicted to certainty, for whatever we do, the results should always be according to our thinking, and if the results are slightly different from our thinking, then we leave work unhappy.

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There is no certainty in this world, nothing is guaranteed, but we see the world only according to our mind. For example, if you start a business, you should get success, you have passed the exam, you should have passed, if you have invested, then there should be profit, if you have given an interview, then it should be clear…

But when you say to yourself that nothing is certain in life, it is not necessary that the result will always be exactly what I thought, then you start looking at life from a new perspective. Then you face failure and success in life in the same way and assume that life will not always go according to my thinking.

5. I am not, what I think, I am, what I do

When a person is influenced by a person, he definitely says in his mind that I have to be like that person.

But by just saying, he will become like that great person?, the answer will be NO. he will have to work very hard to reach that point, he has to work and then he will be able to become like that. This means that thinking do not define us, our actions define us.

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But when we think of ourselves as a failure and a negation, do you become like that? The answer will be the same, not at all, then why do you think of yourself as a failure and a negation.

You are not a failure, you are not unacceptable, you are not ugly, do not wait for any magician or inspiration speaker lying in your life who will give you a motive, then you will do any work, get up now and start working.

Remember that the more successful he is, the more failures he has seen.

 We make changes by working, not by just thinking, only by your thinking, neither you will fail nor will you succeed.

6. I’m Hard

No one built an airplane before the Wright brothers, there was no bodybuilder in Austria before Arnold who won the Olympia, and no one made a bulb before Thomas Alva.

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First of all, for the first time, you are probably thinking of doing something that has been done by someone in your family, locality, city, country or world, would you not do it?

No one has done any great work without pain, visionary thinking, and hard work, you too have to work hard and continuously work hard until you succeed.

Tell your negative thinking that I am the one who does not do what he thinks, do a little work every day, walk towards your goal every day, and tell yourself I am hard. No one can break me, neither the words of people nor rejections because I am no longer a slave to uncertainty, I know what I want, I have understood, I am made to win.

7. I nothing expect from anyone, but I adopt everything

The biggest reason for grief is hope from the people or the world, see it is not a wrong thing to expect or trust anyone, but when we are happily following someone’s hope, then there is a problem.

Success cannot be found without being happy or calm, so keep your happiness with you, and adopt every stage and problem of life.

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By doing this, you will not blame anyone, because you know that people can change, their words can change, they can say something that we did not expect.

Do not blame your situation by sitting, do not blame people, don’t blame yourself, whatever is your situation today will be your strength tomorrow, so start living life by adopting everything.

The conclusion:

Learn these seven things from Unfu*k Yourself book:

1. I should know what I want and what not.

2. I win, and always won.

3. I have understood.

4. There is uncertainty in life, nothing is guaranteed.

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5. My thinking will not define me but my actions.

6. I am tough, and I am adamant on my work.

7. I do not expect anything from anyone, and everything given in life is acceptable..

The Book “Unfu*k Yourself” is written by Gary John Bishop and i hope you like the summary of Unfu*k Yourself book… if yes then share it with your friends too.

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